Investor Recovery Options for United Development Funding Investors

United Development Funding (“UDF”) has come under fire in recent months – being accused of operating like a “Ponzi scheme.”  It has allegedly disclosed that since April 2014, it has been under SEC investigation.

UDF operates several publicly-traded and non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) along with other real estate related companies, according to reports.  UDF reportedly operates in a manner that is different from traditional REITs – in that its assets are not real estate holdings, but rather development loans that it originates.

The UDF fund family is reportedly comprised of four public companies – United Mortgage Trust (non-traded), UDF III (non-traded), UDF IV (publicly traded symbol: UDF), and UDF V (non-traded).

The publicly traded UDF IV has declined in value from upwards of $18 per share to roughly $7 per share in only a few short months.  This means that those who invested in this public fund may have suffered losses of more than 50% seemingly overnight.  Meanwhile, those investors in the non-traded UDF III, UDF V, and United Mortgage Trust may find themselves with highly illiquid investments and potentially heavy losses.

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