Falling Timber: Timberland REIT Reportedly Plunges In Value

As recently reported by InvestmentNews, the estimated value of common stock in real estate investment trust (or REIT) of Wells Timberland REIT, Inc. fell to $6.56 per share. Given the illiquidity of the trust, finding that price in the market may prove difficult. That figure marks a 35% plunge in value since the REIT premiered in 2006 at $10 per share. Unfortunately, such incidents are all too common in a post-bubble real estate industry continuing to face adversity. Many of these incidents have caused substantial losses to investors who invested some or all of their savings in these ventures at the recommendation of their financial advisor.

The trust in question is controlled by Wells Real Estate Funds, an industry giant which has over $11 billion invested in real estate worldwide. Wells management has committed $37 million in preferred equity to this REIT alone, yet the trust currently appears to accrue annual dividends of a mere 1%. In October of 2011, redemption of trust shares was suspended until a new share value could be determined. Beginning next month, shareholders are apparently supposed to have the option of redemption, which will garner 95% of each share’s estimated value, or $6.23.

REITs in many instances can be considered to be high-risk endeavors: appealing for their potential for high gains due to their interest rates, but with equal if not unwarranted potential for resolute failure, and a possible lack of accountability toward investors. Too often, financials advisors describe high-risk investment products like REITs as safe, secured or guaranteed, typically to get the higher commission that these riskier investments pay. Misrepresenting the risk of an investment to a customer like that is against the law and rules under which these professionals work.

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