Jenice L. Malecki Takes on Role as Adjunct Professor at New York Law School in its Securities Arbitration Seminar and Field Placement

A Cum Laude graduate alumni of New York Law School, Jenice L. Malecki, Esq.,  has taken on a mentor and adjunct professorial role as a professor in the Securities Arbitration Seminar and Field Placement. While at New York Law School, Professor Malecki was a member of the International Law Journal and a teaching assistant.  She was part of a novel program at the time, when at Manhattanville College in Westchester, she was part of a BA/JD program, earning law school credits in undergraduate school.  Now coming full circle and giving back, Professor Malecki has expended her previous role as a frequent guest lecturer and moot court judge for the Securities Arbitration Clinic at New York Law School, as well as other law schools including Fordham, Brooklyn Law School, Pace Law School, Yale Law School and Columbia Law School. Since founding New York Law School in 1999, Professor Malecki has regularly hired students from New York Law School as summer and school-year interns.  Now, student receive an opportunity to work and receive academic credit while being mentored, supervised, and encouraged to develop a deep understanding of securities litigation and arbitration strategy.

The Securities and Arbitration Field Seminar teaches students how to interact with prospective clients, conduct client interviews, tackle legal analysis, draft pleadings as well as represent clients in arbitration proceedings before FINRA. The course involves both seminars and fieldwork experience. They engage in vigorous research, investigation and fact finding, as well as sit in on strategy discussions, write memoranda, briefs and pleadings, as well as assist in the review of discovery and case organization.  Practical experience is invaluable to students, who can “hit the ground running” when they graduate with experience.

New York Law School was founded in 1891, and has a long history of educating young lawyers that work in the heart of New York City’s legal, government, and financial networks. An independent law school in Tribeca, New York City, New York Law School embraces the motto “We are New York’s Law School” through providing various methods for achieving a vibrant legal education. New York Law School was one of the first schools to offer a Juris Doctorate  evening program, as well as built a 235,000 square foot campus in the heart of lower Manhattan near the state and Federal courts to offer opportunities to students in all walks and stages of life. Students are able to interact and work with mentor attorneys, securities arbitration attorneys experienced in the field. Experiential learning is a critical aspect of New York Law School and its teaching method, encouraging students to foster and perfect their legal analysis and skills early on.

As one of the oldest independent law schools country, diversity, opportunity, professionalism, integrity, empathy, service to others, leadership, and innovation are the pillars that shape the identity of New York Law School. Professor Malecki, in her role as a securities attorney, exemplifies those qualities and continues to nourish future generations of legal professionals.  New York Law School has an Office of Diversity and Inclusion to aid a diverse student body to together succeed and thrive both at the school and in career placement.  New York Law school is in a uniquely diverse city and poised to provide cultural competency in a growing global workplace. Law schools need to be creative and visionary to adapt , as the legal field is ever changing.  Law schools need to support exceptional outcomes for the diverse student body that thankfully exists today.

New York Law School is led by Anthony W. Crowell, the 16th Dean and President since 2012.  He taught state and local government law at the school since 2003.  Howard S. Meyers recommended Professor Malecki to New York Law School.  He is a Professor of Law since 2004 and Dean of Adjunct Faculty Engagement, as well as Director, Center for Business and Financial Law Director, Institute for Financial Services Law.

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