Jenice Malecki Appointed as Co-chair of the New York State Bar Association Commercial & Federal Litigation Section’s Securities Arbitration Committee

Jenice L. Malecki, Esq., founder of Malecki Law in 1999, was appointed today as co-chair of the New York State Bar Association Commercial & Federal Litigation Section’s Securities Arbitration Committee.  Ms. Malecki has over 30 years of experience in securities arbitration and regulation, as well as whistleblowing claims and commercial arbitration and litigation. Having also been appointed to the FINRA board advisory group called the National Arbitration and Mediation Committee, as well as having been on the board of the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association board, Ms. Malecki is uniquely qualified to lead this committee.  Ms. Malecki has represented clients around the country and the world, including clients from Europe, Asia, Israel, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South America.  This broad representation has given Ms. Malecki in-depth expertise in arbitrations, mediations, settlements, and hearings – both live and over Zoom – as directed in court, at FINRA and before regulatory bodies.  Ms. Malecki has also worked on high profile class action cases and appeared on various media shows including but not limited to Wall Street Journal Live, ABC’s Eyewitness News and NBC’s Today Show.  All of this demonstrates Ms. Malecki’s knowledge and passion for securities work.

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) was founded in 1876 in an effort to cultivate and develop the law. Educating the public, as well as evolving with the changes of the legal profession, are part of the mission. The NYSBA promotes and champions equal justice through state and federal legislation. With over 70,000 members, the NYSBA attempts to nurture the science of jurisprudence while also encouraging changes in the law to effectively arbitrate justice.

Within the NYSBA, a committee was created in 1988 to continue to develop effective representation as well as encourage improvements to the law in areas of commercial and federal litigation. The committee works to foster healthy relationships between various administrative bodies, litigators, and judges to stimulate and encourage research, and collaborative thought on issues that affect commercial and federal litigation. Regulating and promoting legislation that would affect commercial and federal litigation. The extensive network will assist in providing resources for legal educational programs as well as other resources that inform on topics relevant to commercial and federal litigation.

The co-chair of this committee is Margarita Eschevarria.  Ms. Eschevarria is an independent arbitrator based in New Jersey as well as the metropolitan area and focuses her practice primarily on commercial disputes. Contract matters, Commercial matters, insurance coverage disputes, copyright and trademark matters, workers compensation claims as well as real estate matters are just a few areas where Ms. Eschevarria has proven her legal expertise. As a commercial arbitrator and mediator, Ms. Eschevarria has handled various cases including breach of contract, breach of warranty, construction disputes, personal injury claims,  FINRA compensation and misrepresentation. Ms. Eschevarria is also involved extensively in drafting and negotiations, corporate governance projects as well as product reviews. Ms. Eschevarria is a valuable asset to various professional associations including ABA Women in Dispute Resolution, ABA ADR Section Arbitration Committee as well as a Board Member of the New Jersey Association of professional mediators among other things.

The Commercial & Federal Litigation Section’s Securities Arbitration Committee has often contributed to various issues that affect the legal community, most notably Social Media Ethics and Guidelines. The guidelines have been referenced and commented on widely as well as observed by other bar associations. Adhering to its commitment to diversity and inclusion, the committee works to incorporate task forces in various law firms and legal departments to ensure gender and racial equity. The work of the Commercial & Federal Litigation Section’s Securities Arbitration Committee among others has transformed business litigation in New York and allowed New York to serve as the preferred venue for complex business disputes. In an attempt to stay on pace with the evolving globe, the committee has given awards and scholarships as well as worked with the judiciary and public sector to motivate young attorneys and provide them with an opportunity to work with senior litigators and ensure inclusion in the process.

The Commercial & Federal Litigation Section’s Securities Arbitration Committee has been involved with the development of various rules of practice in the Commercial Divisions of the New York State Courts. The ability for this committee to further the inclusive and just future of commercial and Federal courts in New York State is both inspiring and motivating to up and coming young attorneys. Their work and devotion to awareness, networking and change enhances the field as a whole.

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