Malecki Law Announces Investigation Into the Unsuitable Sale of KBS Property Trust REIT to Investors

Malecki Law is investigating possible unsuitability claims against stock brokers and financial advisors who sold shares of KBS REIT I to investors. REITs are illiquid real estate investments, which may be unsuitable for both unsophisticated and elderly customers.

Just recently, KBS informed investors that it would be dropping its share price a whopping 29% from $7.32 to $5.16. This represents a nearly 50% drop from its original sale price of $10. For investors who bought shares of KBS REIT I as part of their retirement savings, this drop may be too much to handle.

In addition to the drop in share price, KBS has also informed investors that it will cease payment of its dividend. Since, many financial advisors sell REITs like KBS REIT I to retired customers as a way to obtain steady income, this announcement has to potential to be devastating to a retiree depending on that income.

However, all is not lost for investors who were sold KBS REIT I. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority rules prohibit stock brokers and financial advisors from selling unsuitable investments to the public. Therefore, investors in KBS REIT I may be able to recover their losses. It is the right of any and all investors who believe they may have suffered losses as a result of recommendations of their financial advisor to contact our offices to explore their legal rights and options. If you or a family member invested in KBS REIT I, contact the securities fraud lawyers at Malecki Law for a free consultation and case evaluation at (212) 943-1233.

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