Jenice Malecki to Appear on Fox Business Channel

Jenice Malecki of Malecki Law will be appearing at 10:45 am on Varney & Co. on Fox Business on Tuesday, October 22, to discuss the proposed $13 billion J.P. Morgan Chase settlement.

Ms. Malecki will be discussing whether J.P. Morgan and others should be surprised that the firm is being subjected to penalties relating to conduct that occurred at Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual, which J.P. Morgan acquired during the recent financial crisis.

Ms. Malecki will speak on central issues at the heart of the present debate such as the role of the government in these two acquisitions, including what promises, if any, were made to J.P. Morgan by government officials, as well as the overall price paid for the two companies relative to their actual value.

The role the acquisitions of these two companies played in J.P. Morgan’s assent to its position as one of the largest banks in world also can not be overlooked.

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