Malecki Law Announces Investigation of Carr Miller Capital LLC

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Malecki Law is currently investigating allegations against Carr Miller Capital LLC, a New Jersey investment firm, accused in a lawsuit by the state Attorney General’s office of creating a Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of over $40 million. Company CEO Carr Miller has since been banned from practicing within the securities industry by state legislators.

Companies who shared investments with Carr Miller have been named as defendants. Among those cited is energy company Indigo-Energy (“Indigo”), a group in which Carr Miller had previously invested. Indigo has been named in the lawsuit against Carr Miller because Carr Miller invested in the energy company, who was then deemed by the state to be unjustly enhanced by Carr Miller’s money, obtained through illegal actions taken by the firm.

The Attorney General further claims that Carr Miller did not provide investors with material information about the investments and falsely represented to clients where their money would be invested. According to an investigation into Carr Miller’s actions, conducted by the New Jersey State Bureau of Securities, investors in New Jersey, Texas, Arkansas and North Carolina were sold promissory notes. Click here for our detailed definition of promissory notes and their suitable use.

It is the right of any and all investors who believe they may have suffered losses as a result of recommendations of their financial advisor to contact our offices to explore their legal rights and options. If you or a family member invested in Carr Miller Capital, contact the securities fraud lawyers at Malecki Law for a free consultation and case evaluation at (212) 943-1233.

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