Jenice Malecki to Make Second Appearance on CNBC’s American Greed

Malecki Law attorney Jenice Malecki was on the set of business news network CNBC’s documentary true crime series American Greed yesterday to speak about affinity fraud for an upcoming episode. American Greed provides in depth-reporting exposing Ponzi Schemes, mortgage fraud, art heists, identity theft, and other shocking things people have done for money. For twelve seasons, American Greed has examined the most extensive corporate and white-collar crimes in American history. The documentary series currently airs new episodes on the CNBC network on Monday nights at 10 PM EST.

In the interview, Jenice Malecki leveraged her knowledge as an experienced securities attorney to answer questions about affinity fraud. Affinity fraud is a type of investment scam that targets members of the same identifiable groups based on religion, ethnicity, age and other commonalities.  Typically, an affinity fraud perpetrator will be or at least pose as a member of the group to exploit trust and relationships. Otherwise, the fraudster might elicit the help of a group member to orchestrate the scam, which is frequently a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

In this segment, Jenice Malecki describes affinity fraud along with the telltale signs that should induce concern. Notably, Jenice Malecki emphasizes the importance for investors to do their due diligence in gathering information before investing. With this in mind, the seller should be able to provide information regarding the investment’s purpose, objective data, and history. Furthermore, Jenice Malecki offers helpful tips for anyone suspecting affinity fraud to respond appropriately to the situation.

The upcoming episode will be the second time that Jenice Malecki has made an appearance on American Greed. Just last year, Malecki was featured on an American Greed episode about BBC Equities owner John Bravata who bilked $50 million from investors in a real estate Ponzi scheme. For the episode, Jenice Malecki spoke with CNBC about real estate investments, targeted victim demographics, and warning signs. Furthermore, Jenice Malecki spoke about how Ponzi Schemes often target members of communities and churches. In her years of experience as a securities attorney, Jenice has seen numerous cases of investors who lost money from affinity fraud.

Jenice Malecki was also featured in a CNBC piece about her representation of clients who incurred losses when their investments in UBS Puerto Rico closed-ended funds collapsed. CNBC was investigating into the role that UBS played in the billions lost by investors of their bonds. Malecki Law clients who lost money when the bond value plummeted, were interviewed in depth for part of the segment that aired on the primetime news.

Overall, Jenice Malecki was thrilled to share her expertise on affinity fraud in her commitment to spread awareness and protect investors. Throughout her career, Jenice Malecki has provided her securities law expertise in TV appearances, radio shows and articles. A list of Jenice Malecki’s media appearances can be found on her securities law firm’s website media page. Watch American Greed on CNBC on Monday, September 10, to learn more about affinity fraud from the featured case and reputable securities attorney, Jenice Malecki.

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