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Did you notice electronic funds transferred out of your bank account? Did you authorize these transfers? If your answers are yes and no, respectively, you need to reach out to an Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers lawyer in New York, like the lawyers at Malecki Law, to review your circumstances.

A threshold determination is whether the account at issue is a consumer account or a commercial/business account. This is because the law generally treats these types of accounts differently. There are two potential avenues for recourse, the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) for consumer accounts and Article 4A under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) for commercial accounts. Notably, the UCC generally does not apply to scenarios which the EFTA governs. See § 4A-108. Relationship to Electronic Fund Transfer Act for more. You need to have a law firm well-equipped to analyze which law may govern, such as an Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers law firm like Malecki Law in New York.

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